September 2, 2016

Is it September Already?

What happened to summer?

Summer passed quickly.  Here it is Labor Day Weekend already! We didn't take a vacation trip, mainly because (a) my food allergies take away much of the fun and (b) a bone spur on my right foot robbed me of my ability to walk without pain. Fortunately for Frank, he took a trip out west a few months back and visited his sister.

Well, it's Friday and I'm using the Willy Nilly Friday format to post 5 different images.  This way I can follow up on a few things and also link up to some blog hops.

1. A scene in Shenandoah County right after a shower. We are expecting some rain this weekend as Hurricane Hermine passes to the east.

Skywatch Friday and Late Summer - My Town Shootout
2. Someone stole this sign from our community entrance. Would you believe they also stole the American Flag from the flagpole?!
Orange You Glad It's Friday?
3. PhotoFriday has the theme "Mirrors" today. 

4. Yesterday I posted a picture of the library in Strasburg. Here is the library in nearby Woodstock, Virginia. It is also in a 2-story white house. Shenandoah County does have a couple of libraries in modern buildings: the main branch in Edinburg and an even newer branch in New Market.

5. When I was involved in a traffic accident a couple of weeks ago, everyone who stopped was kind and helpful. As we see here, Front Royal's finest got to work immediately clearing glass off the street. The officer who wrote me a ticket seemed  nice and explained that I could pay it without going to court. I wasn't surprised by the "Failure to Yield" charge because in Virginia you must yield when you are turning left. So I was held responsible even though the other vehicle was speeding and was hidden by a hill. 

But when I tried to pay the ticket online, I wasn't able to find a link for payment. I went to the courthouse to pay in person and the clerk told me that I couldn't pay ahead because it was "reckless driving!" What? That's not what the officer told me!

I went home and researched the charge by the code number. He had used the code for a different "Failure to Yield" charge, one that involved turning onto a highway from a side street. I printed out the definitions from the state code and nervously took them to traffic court. I did not want "reckless driving" on my record because it can cause future problems and will make insurance costs go up.

When the judge asked how I wanted to plead, I said "Not guilty" and he started to set a trial date. I quickly explained that the code used was incorrect. The county prosecutor and the policeman looked it up and agreed with me! They corrected the charge to one that was just a traffic infraction and not reckless driving. I agreed to that and paid a fine, much relieved.

The moral is: always check your receipt and make sure you're not overcharged! :-)


  1. You're so smart to figure out the differences in that code!!

  2. It was good that you looked up that code. Interesting that you got fine when it wasn't even your fault but did speedman get a ticket too?

    1. No, there wasn't enough evidence to even make it an issue. A witness said he passed them "flying" but that's not measurable so I didn't worry about it.

  3. I'm so impressed with your "win" in court! I had a "no left turn" infraction once many years ago, but there was a sign with little lights on it that said "No Left Turn" and because of the sun it didn't look like the sign was lit. There was also a regular sign on the side of the road there, but a truck was in the right hand lane and I couldn't see the sign. I was so ANGRY when I got pulled over, and we took photos of the intersection and tried to fight it, but my fine was simply reduced. At least it was a partial win. :-) Sorry you weren't able to go on vacation this summer...hope your foot gets better.

  4. I had a careless driving charge years ago- fishtailed on gravel in rainy weather and did a number to the car. I just paid the fine.

    I like the look of that library!

    I imagine the hurricane won't be a factor in weather here.

  5. That first picture shows such a peaceful scene,

    So pleased you were able to get things sorted!

    All the best Jan

  6. That's another lovely library set up in a house. I'm glad to hear you were able to get the code changed by the court.

  7. Phew, glad that worked out for you and I admire you for speaking up. Good for you Linda. These things can so easily happen.

  8. stressful trying to pay that ticket! what a beautiful library! i like your little selfie in the mirror :) thank you for linking linda and have a great week!


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