June 5, 2015

Car Shopping Blues (and Orange too)

Flag seen through windshield
Through the Shaded Area of the Windshield

Since my husband sold his 2001 Montero (as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago), he's been shopping for another used car. Although I don't enjoy car shopping, I went with him on most of the expeditions to help navigate and give my opinion (which he ignores).

While waiting for him to look at the endless possibilities of used cars, I entertained myself by reading, listening to the radio, checking the internet, and taking a few pictures. Unfortunately weather was rainy over the past week. Still, I got a handful of pictures to share with Skywatch Friday, Look Up Look Down, and Orange You Glad It's Friday.

Looking Up, Near Dulles Airport


  1. it looks like the door is smiling at the balloon. :)

  2. Nice blues, and a sharp contrast with the orange.

  3. Lovely sky photos! It has been cloudy and rainy here lately. I had to look back at the balloon shot after reading Tex's comment. She is right, lol! Have a happy weekend!

  4. Car shopping is never a favorite of mine!

  5. Nice captures and all the best with the car shopping♪

  6. My Hubs is car shopping too. We are going to get rid of our truck and one of our cars. He wants a Suburban. I don't care what he gets. I would drive a beater, but he thinks we need a new one.

  7. You certainly got some fun shots! I love the orange balloon. And teh flying flag almost looks underwater!


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