June 4, 2015

A Stop at Sherando Park


I stopped at this park near Stephens City to eat a salad that I bought at a nearby supermarket. Then I walked around for a few minutes to enjoy the scenery and take a few pictures.

I've stopped here before but had not previously noticed this plaque on the gazebo. It honors Rev. B. L. Lock, a local pastor who served several Methodist churches.

By the way, this is the gazebo I used for a recent black and white shot that was selected as one of six shown by Black and White Weekend.

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  1. The gazebo is in a pretty park. I love the flowers and the view of the river. Lovely shots! Have a happy Friday and weekend!

  2. Wow. What an amazing spot in nature. I could imagine resting there and taking photos.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Such a lovely area. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. the gazebo shot is beautiful! lovely area!

  5. A lovely area- and that gazebo really appeals to me!

  6. The Gazebo is wonderful. What a great place to enjoy lunch. Such pretty flowers and a great fence too.

  7. pretty gazebo and a neat rustic fence.


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