April 23, 2015

Mules and More

sign on back of vehicle

When we were at the Redbud Festival on Saturday, I was attracted to the fancy sign on this vehicle. Amazing Grace is a trained mule who has been in many local shows and even a movie.

Here we see Grace raising the flag. And next we see one of her buddies.

mule grazing

There's a fence behind that mule but I wanted a more substantial one for Theresa's linkup so here's a nice picket fence that was not far from the festival grounds.

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  1. Grace is in fact amazing. It sounds as if the Redbud Festival is a neat experience. I like the picket fence.

  2. What a clever mule and it must have been a fun day out. Great fences.

  3. So cute! I like amazing Gracie and she's lucky to have her own sign. :)

  4. The white fence really adds an interesting vantage point for the last shot. I like it a lot.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. I love the shots of Grace.. Nice fence shots too. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  6. sweet and smart mule. :) love the fence, too. thanks, linja!

  7. I just like saying the word 'mule'. Mule!

  8. What a cool mule! :-) And I love the fence.

  9. Well, I never! So, of course, I had to check out what amazing things this mule got up to. She is quite the catch.

  10. An awesome Mule !
    My mom used to talk about her mule fondly , one she had growing up in the country.
    The fence with the barn behind, really like that shot.

  11. Gracie is so sweet, love your fence find.

  12. Gracie is darling and the fences were very nice. I like white picket a lot.

  13. You know I don't think I have ever seen a mule in real life.


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