April 24, 2015

Views at Whiffletree Farm

dogwood branches and window

The Warrenton Garden Tours had their welcome center at Whiffletree Farm. This is in the scenic hunt country of Virginia, its rolling hills quite beautiful in the spring.

The family who farms the property does not live in this house but they have a small store here. The house has been carefully decorated and is rented out to visitors.

I noticed that the store has soy-free eggs. Now if I could just remember who wanted to buy some, I'd let them know.

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  1. What a pretty place -- such lovely shots.

  2. Glorious property. So love the water feature.

  3. What a pretty farm, great shots. Happy weekend!

  4. I love the pond with the bench beside it. What a scenic spot.

  5. Wonderful farm shot ~ very idyllic!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol


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