December 15, 2013

Little Linda

This is a very old picture of me. I believe my dad took it, using flood lights that he got for filming home movies.  I remember those lights from later sessions, not this one.

My mom used to say I looked like President Eisenhower when I was a baby! That was because I had more forehead than I had hair.


  1. We had those lights and I think they are still at my mother's. They were like looking into high beam headlights and everyone always looked like they were squinting in photos, they were way too bright and would almost give you a tan.

  2. Very nice!1 It is good to have memories like these ;-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands! ;-)

  3. Ha.. how cute. My dad had an old movie camera also and those bright HOT lights. They were just as Sunnybrook Farm described. We were all squinty in those movies.


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