October 6, 2013

Harper Cemetery and Jefferson Rock

Another great place to see spectacular views in Harpers Ferry is Harper Cemetery and the nearby Appalachian Trail. I like to park next to the cemetery( at the east end of Fillmore Street), visit the cemetery and walk down the steps. At the edge of the woods there are a few steps down to the trail and from there it's a short walk (to the left) to Jefferson Rock. It's named for Thomas Jefferson who famously raved about the views here.

There are other ways to get to Jefferson Rock, if you like climbing steps or want to hike on the Appalachian Trail. (Marie and I took the trail route in 2010.)

View of Shenandoah River

Appalachian Trail
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  1. I quite like cemeteries and this sure is a beautiful spot. That rock is amazing.

  2. I can see why Jefferson raved about the views.


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