October 7, 2013

Train Station, Harpers Ferry

Although Harpers Ferry is not a large city, it has an Amtrak station with daily passenger service. Commuters use it to travel to Washington, DC.

I've parked near the station more than once. There are a couple of snack shops nearby and historical museums a short walk away. At the moment the museums are closed for the government shutdown. It's not far to shops and a wax museum, but the hilly terrain can turn your walk into a workout.

Are you affected by the government shutdown? Find Your Members of Congress and contact them.


  1. I just bought some old postcards and one of them was of the train station at Harper's Ferry. I seem to have found quite a few from your beautiful area. Now I want to visit in person!

  2. Pretty pictures! I haven't been affected by the shutdown so far.

  3. I have always wanted to visit Harper's Ferry - had no idea how convenient it was w/Amtrak service and sites within walking distance! Now I have no excuse:)


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