October 5, 2013

Hilltop View, Harpers Ferry

Normally Harpers Ferry is a great place to take visitors. At the moment, however, a government shutdown has closed our national parks and that means not only many historic sites in Harpers Ferry are closed, but also the shuttle bus that transports tourists to the historic area is not operating. There is very little parking available in the historic district, although you might find a spot at the train station, and I read that the town has relaxed some of the usual parking restrictions.

We have visited the town a number of times without using the park service bus. There are sites uphill from the the old historic district that are well worth visiting. One is the view point next to the old Hilltop House Hotel. (It's at the end of East Ridge Street. I posted pictures from there early this year.)
Train Crossing the Potomac
Old Hilltop Hotel, Now Closed and Crumbling


  1. I never even though of the government shut down affecting parks etc.... Well darn!

  2. Lovely view! It's a shame the hotel is now in disrepair.

  3. I visited Harpers Ferry in April of last year. It is gorgeous and I remember the ruin of the old hotel. I visited the national park, too. It's an absolute shame what is happening with the government shutdown (which I mentioned on my blog Sunday, in relation to Civil War sites - which Harpers Ferry, of course, is.)


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