August 4, 2013

The Heater House

Part 2 of 3 — The Heater Farm Tour

From the Park Service Description: "The story of Solomon and Caroline Heater exemplifies the divided loyalties seen in the Shenandoah Valley before and during the Civil War. Solomon a native of Virginia supported the southern cause, while his wife Caroline, a native of Pennsylvania feared what war would bring to her doorstep."

Their farm's location on the Valley Pike brought armies past it many times during the Civil War. In October of 1864, Jubal Early's army surprised Federal troops camped throughout this area and the Battle of Cedar Creek ensued.

The original house here was built of logs. eventually covered with clapboard siding. Today the house stands empty. The windows that you see here are not real, but are boards painted to look like windows!


  1. So many families were divided at that time. It was a sad time in our country's history.

  2. An interesting place in the history of the Civil War!

  3. Very interesting. I'm enjoying this tour!


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