August 5, 2013

History at Sunset: The Heater Farm

Cedar Creek Battlefield, Middletown, VA

Like so many Civil War Battlefields, the serenity of the Heater Farm today stands in contrast with the violent battle that took place there.

The tour at the historic Heater farm was part of the Park Service's History at Sunset series. We met at 7 P.M. and the tour ended at sunset.

The Heater family has three sons and the two older ones joined the Confederate Army against their mother's wishes. Sadly, they both died during the war.

Start the video to hear Ranger Kyle tell the story of a soldier named Thomas Kennedy who was wounded at Cedar Creek.

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Postscript: Ranger Kyle has a blog: Historian in Training.


  1. Sad story but beautiful sunset tour.

  2. it is a sad piece of history. that one-on-one combat must have been so brutal for so many.

  3. Thanks for the video. It's sad that we still haven't figured out a way to settle disagreements without killing each other.

  4. What a neat tour. Sad story, but I bet the tour was fascinating!

  5. It does look quite peaceful there in contrast to it's history.


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