August 6, 2013

A Horse's House

This stable is near Middletown, Virginia. 

Disambiguation: Middletown and Middleburg may be confused because of their similar names. They are both historic small towns in northwestern Virginia and are each .6 square miles in area.

  • Middletown is along U.S. Route 11 in Frederick County, Virginia. It was the scene of fighting several times during the American Civil War, including the decisive Battle of Cedar Creek in 1864, which ended Confederate control of the Shenandoah Valley. 
  • Middleburg is along Route 50 in Loudoun County, Virginia. It's known as the "Nation's Horse and Hunt Capital." President Kennedy had a residence there. Two minor Civil War battles took place in Middleburg in 1863.


  1. Thanks for the history and this lovely shot. Very nice stable, for sure.

  2. Really great pictures. You got some great ones at Cedar Creek as well. Thanks for sharing!


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