July 30, 2013

The Old Hotel Edinburg

In Shenandoah County, Virginia

Across from the bank in Edinburg is an old hotel that is currently used by the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). When I first tried to take a picture of it, a vehicle pulled in beside me. There was an attractive guy in the passenger seat so I took his picture!

When I looked for information on this old hotel, I found a postcard image. I assume the train once stopped nearby, making this an ideal location for travelers.

I crossed Stoney Creek Road to get a picture near the railroad. One set of railroad tracks has been removed and the other set is in disrepair. The train doesn't run here anymore.

A plaque gives the date of the hotel as 1904. It was placed by the Edinburg Heritage Foundation.

 Link: Town of Edinburg — Organizations


  1. cute pup. love the last shot of the railroad tracks.

  2. Great pictures! The second one made me smile. :)

  3. Now that is one handsome fella! Definitely a neat building, but sad to see it's looking a little run down. It would be nice if they were able to get it fully functioning as a hotel again.

  4. What a cool old building! Was this at Petticoat Junction by any chance? :)


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