July 31, 2013

Pageant of Steam

On Sunday we went to Berryville to see the "Pageant of Steam." The focus of the show was old steam-powered vehicles, but there were other events including a flea market.

Steam engines were once important in manufacturing and agriculture as well as on railroads.

Pictured here are a Frick Portable Steam Engine from 1923 and a Chase Shingle Mill from 1910.

We were there in time to see the Mule Pull, in which mules and horses showed off their strength by dragging a weighted skid a certain distance. We only watched for a short time before leaving to get lunch.

Link: Shenandoah Valley Steam & Gas Engine Association


  1. I think that would make me feel sorry for the mules and horses, but I guess that's what they are trained to do. Nice pictures!

  2. I felt a little concerned for them Daisy, but they looked proud and spirited. As you can see, they are beautiful animals.

  3. That looks and sounds like a very interesting exhibit, but I got distracted by the mules. I didn't know they grew that big! Very handsome.

  4. Nice photos! We went a few years ago and I really enjoyed the parade of steam. Here's a link to a recording: http://lowtechtimes.com/2008/07/27/parade-of-steam-in-berryville-virginia/


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