July 29, 2013

I Should Have Exited at Tom's Brook

On Saturday I got stuck in traffic on I-81 north of Tom's Brook.  We'd stop, creep forward, stop again and so on.

I didn't get upset. I took a few pictures, listened to the radio, and reminded myself that I-81 on a bad day is like I-66 on a good day. Or I-95, or the Capital Beltway... I used to live in Northern Virginia and I sure don't miss the traffic!

Besides, who can complain when the scenery is so pretty?


  1. Lol! Just another day on 81. I'm not as calm as you though.

  2. i don't worry about it either...coming from so cal, i know bad traffic too! much prefer the pretty views here!

  3. Beautiful setting that for sure. As long as your not looking ahead at all the jammed up cars. Good attitude there!

  4. Lovely scenery! You are calmer than I am. Traffic like that makes me nervous.

  5. There was heavy traffic even near Roanoke, not sure what was going on but at least it was moving here.


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