June 3, 2013

Walking Sticks

Although hiking up a mountain is more strenuous than hiking back down, the downhill stretch can be more hazardous. It's easy to twist an ankle or stumble going downhill, especially on a rough or rocky trail.

Frank broke off some branches from a downed tree and fashioned crude but serviceable walking sticks for us.

When we reached the bottom of the trail near Skyline Drive, he left them leaning on a tree for other hikers to use.


  1. We always use a pair of hiking sticks (like ski poles) when were out. They really do help.

  2. Great idea.. I'll bet they helped. And kind of you to leave them for the next hikers.

  3. When we go to our local flea market, my Hubs is always on the look out for a good walking stick. They have so many light weight ones but he is looking for one that is heavy duty.

    Good idea your Hubs had!!

  4. one of my blogger pals (a serious hiker!) uses the hiking sticks, too. :)

  5. Nature gives us everything we need :) Nice of you to think of other hikers.

  6. A very thoughtful thing to do---leaving the sticks for others to use. To my knees going down is harder than going up. LOL MB

  7. Good idea to make the hike safer for you and for the next people to come along.


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