June 3, 2013

Is that a Rhino in the Trail?

No, we don't have rhinoceroses in Shenandoah National Park!

Part of an uprooted tree stuck out over Meadow Spring Trail and to me it looked like the head of a rhino. I walked past it and checked it out from the other side. Hmm, it still looks like an animal of some sort, perhaps a wild boar.


  1. Lucky it wasn't a shadow in the dark, you might have thought it was real.

  2. It sure looks like one! ;-)
    Very nice pictures!

    Sincerest greetings from the Netherlands,

  3. We need to be prepared for anything -- camera at the ready -- that we might see on a hike.

  4. It looks like a Triceratops to me on the top shot. Glad it was still! :-)

  5. JM, I agree. It does look like a triceratops!


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