June 4, 2013

Meadow Spring — A Backstory

I've been posting photos taken along the Meadow Spring Trail since May 31st but there's a reason why I wanted to go to this trail on Memorial Day Weekend. Not too many years ago I hiked this trail with my sister and my daughter Marie and we were on a mission to scatter the ashes of my parents from Mary's Rock. Years ago my mother had expressed this as a wish and although in her old age she seemed to have forgotten, it seemed appropriate. Both of my parents loved the mountains and went to Shenandoah National Park many times.

Of course, you need a permit to scatter cremains in a national park, but I had done the paperwork and we had our permit in hand. It was a beautiful day when we made the hike, and it was just strenuous enough to give us a feeling of accomplishment.

I'm older now and my husband is a couple years older than I am, so we did not attempt to hike to the summit. Instead my goal was to hike to the old chimney and back. We actually made it a little farther than that and probably could have made the summit but it would have required several rest stops. This is a steep trail!

The parking lot for the trail is bigger than it used to be. It's south of Mary's Rock Tunnel and can be seen at the top of the map for the central section of Skyline Drive.

The trail up the mountain is across the road from the parking area and a few yards south.

On Skyline Drive, Elevation 2840


  1. Such a beautiful time of the year in Shenandoah National Park! I thoroughly enjoyed your walks in the woods this spring (and was a little worried about you sitting so close to that old chimney!).

  2. Your parents certainly selected a beautiful location, Linda, and as you visit often it will be like you are visiting them as well. Also, it was nice of Frank to leave the walking sticks for other hikers.

  3. How wonderful that you did this. I am sure your parents were looking down on you and smiling.

  4. This car is the same as mine! Beautiful pictures!

  5. Mom died in Sept.2003, and I think we spread her and Dad's ashes in summer of 2004. That's already a long time ago! It was '72 or '73 when Larry & I were at Mary's Rock with them and Mom said, "This is where I want my ashes scattered". The swift passage of time never ceases to amaze and befuddle me.

  6. Peggy, indeed time is passing swiftly! Hard to believe that we hiked up there 9 years ago. I was trying to remember but without going back to my old boxes of photos I could not recall the year.


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