February 14, 2009

Mount Mitchell, NC

These are photos I took in 1997 and posted on my AOL webpages. Those pages have since been deleted but these pictures received some interest so I am reposting them here.
mt. mitchellRoad to Mount Mitchell,
Seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

mountain sunsetSunset Viewed from Mount Mitchell State Park
view from mountain
Mt. Mitchell is often in the clouds. On the left you can see the parking lot, starting point for a fairly steep but not too long hike to the top.

Mt. Mitchell can be easily reached from Asheville, NC. The summit is the highest point east of the Mississippi River.

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  1. These are old pictures. Things have changed a bit since these were taken. Not the mountains, but the tower at the summit. It's much nicer than the old one. I appreciate you leaving your link for me to check these out. :D


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