February 13, 2009

Gastro Update

Yesterday I went back to the gastroenterologist. I arrived about two minutes early and the receptionist told me the doctor was running late. It turned out to be very late: two and a half hours late!

When I finally saw him, he didn't have much to offer me. He feels the bacteria is gone from the three courses of antibiotics but he doesn't know why my digestion still isn't working properly. He started to suggest an endoscopy, but as he explained that they might find celiac disease, I chimed in and said I avoid gluten because it doesn't agree with me. Then he reconsidered, deciding that the endoscopy probably would not find anything. (Celiac does not show up in the tests unless you have been consuming gluten as part of your diet.)

We conversed for a while and he railed against factory farms and corporate medicine. Finally he got back to my case. He suggested that I finish my current supply of Flagyl and then see how I was doing after my rotator cuff repair surgery, which will be next week.

I won't bore you with any more details about what else I've tried (going low-carb and other experiments). Nothing has helped much anyway.

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