February 15, 2009

My To Do List Not Checked Off

I have a mental checklist of things I wanted to do to prepare for the rotator cuff surgery. Some are going better than others.
  1. Get an opinion from someone who knows the surgeon. Done. Turns out my chiropractor knows her, and his wife had her perform carpal tunnel surgery. He said positive things about her, like "She does quality work" and "You will be pleased."
  2. Get my digestive problems solved so I am only dealing with one health challenge. Not done. I tried, did everything the gastroenterologist said, but I'm still suffering discomforts, although not as badly as two months ago. I'm back on an anti-yeast program in case antibiotic-caused candida is contributing.
  3. Make adjustments in the kitchen so that I don't have to strain my arm reaching at the kitchen sink. Not done. I looked at a catalog of sinks and faucets but saw nothing that would make enough difference to be worth the expense. We did put a wire rack in the bottom of the sink which helps a little, but reaching the faucet is still a stretch. Putting a large sink in a corner location was just a mistake. Well, Frank can do the dishes but I'd like to be able to get a glass of water on my own. By the way, I purchased a Reaching Tool which helps with some tasks, since I can't stretch my right arm, and my left arm is so clumsy.
  4. Buy more clothing that is easy to put on using just one arm. Done. This includes shirts that button in the front and cardigan-style sweatshirts. I gave up on pullover styles early this winter because they are painful to pull on over my sore arm (which won't lift all the way up anyway). So gradually I've been finding items that will be wearable while my shoulder is healing.
  5. Teach Benny to stop pulling on the leash. Not totally done but progress was made. I was instructed to turn in another direction when he pulls and he will follow, which helps but is not completely effective. Also we practice key movements like walking calmly in the door. Frank read in a cocker spaniel book to practice slowly walking "step - stop - step - stop" and this seems to be helping.
  6. Get small pillows for propping up my arm. Done. A baby pillow turns out to be the right size. I've already bought some so that I can sleep without too much pain. (If the shoulder falls forward or backward too far, it hurts.) Also, I bought a Knee Pillow which I cut to be thinner, and I strap it around my arm to support it every night .
  7. Change medicine over to easy-open bottles. Not done yet. I will be ordering a refill on Thyrolar soon and I must remember to tell the pharmacy "no child-proof lid." Those things are not really child-proof, yet some of us adults have trouble with them. And when one arm is in a sling, forget it!
  8. Get some things that are convenient to eat while I'm recuperating. Not done. Not really practical. Convenience foods are not made for people with multiple food allergies. Hopefully I won't be very hungry. Frank will help but cooking from scratch is not his forté.
I'll bet there are things I haven't even thought of. This could be rough.

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