May 7, 2024

Blog Post #8700

Farewell to Blog2Print

A change has come to the way that I preserve my blog posts. I have an album or two for every year of blogging, but the company that prints them is going out of business. Blog2Print is having a final sale so I ordered a book for the first four months of this year. I will look for another publisher because I use these books as a combination of photo album and journal.

I began blogging in June 2005 so it's been almost 19 years.  At first, I did not post every day, but once I started doing that the books became bigger. In 2015 I had to split the year’s posts into two books because there was a limit on the number of photos they would print in a single volume.

The books are expensive, especially since I order hardcover ones. But I watched for sales and took advantage of 30%-off deals. An old-fashioned photo album wasn’t cheap either; the cost was just spread out more because we would get our rolls of film printed one or two at a time and then buy an album to put them in. Most of those old albums eventually deteriorated and pictures started falling out or fading. The color photos faded more than black-and-white, and sometimes I copy them and use software to turn them into black-and-white images, sharpening and increasing the contrast so they look fresher. 

Here’s a glimpse of my 2006 album. My dogs then were Guppy and Benny. 

Do you print your blog? Do you keep a backup somewhere? Do you print your photos and keep them in envelopes? 

I have boxes of envelopes of photos, and shelves full  of these boxes. For a long time I had most of my pictures printed, but I stopped pasting them in albums long ago. I only print a fraction of them now. I keep telling myself that I’m going to go through the old ones and throw out half of them, but it isn’t a high priority.


  1. ...what can I say? You have your act together!

  2. I have started blogging for the last few months, I am not doing any of these things.
    I think it would be good because if something is done so much effort will be lost and it's a shame!
    You got me thinking...

  3. Hello Linda:=)
    I don't do any of these things, but I may now that I have seen your books. Linda I can't make a comment on your latest post,...I click, but nothing happens.Lovely country shots though.

  4. I have never even considered keeping my blog - in any form. Nor do I plan to!

  5. I think this is a great idea but haven’t done it myself. I hope you find another place and will be interesting in that. I keep saying one of these days I will make a book.


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