April 1, 2024


CDP Theme: Medicine

Since I neglected to take pictures in advance for City Daily Photo’s monthly theme day, I walked into a pharmacy today and took some pictures for the topic “Medicine.” Most folks around here still get our medicine from pharmacies, although we can also get medication delivered. 

I did not see any other customers in the store when I went, which was late afternoon, although quite a few items were marked down to tempt purchasers. This store is part of a large chain, but it’s not where I go for prescriptions because I usually get a better price somewhere else. 

This particular store also has a drive-through.


  1. You should get paid for the free commercial of this retail pharmacy

  2. I don’t think we have drive-through pharmacies here.

  3. The drive thru pharmacies are great!
    Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. ...I like to use the drive thru.

  5. Oh, all those yellow tags for sale items gives it away to me...same pharmacy I go to here. I think they keep at least one person employed to remove old tags and put new ones up!

  6. The photos are beautiful, finally the topic of medicine is offered!!

  7. Good pictures for the theme.

    All the best Jan


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