February 26, 2024

“You Are Home” by Taylor Boyd

Warrenton, VA

This beautiful mural of the Blue Ridge Mountains was painted by artist Taylor Boyd, who grew up in Fauquier County. Warrenton is the county seat and this location is near the old courthouse.

Mosaic / Monday Murals

Watching over the area is a statue of John Marshall, a founding father and the fourth Chief Justice. A picture that I took in 2015 shows the blank archways that now host the mural. 



  1. The colourful mural is so beautiful!

  2. Very striking mural, love the bright rainbow colours. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Linda

  3. Wo, the mural is gorgeous. Take care, have a great day!

  4. What a contrast from the wood church from yesterday! I lean more towards the wood and the old vs the color and modern changes, but both are beautiful.

  5. Vibrant colors and just what catches one's eye for that area. It is a great contrast to the sober statue and courthouse. And a really lovely painting!

  6. It's a gorgeous mural and thank you for the interesting sights around Warrenton.

  7. Indeed, this mural is a wonderful artwork. This week has been turbulent... The internet is too slow, it's tedious. Nevertheless, I don't want to miss out on looking at the individual posts, which I really enjoy as always.

    And I'm delighted with your contribution to

    Greetings from Heidrun


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