February 18, 2024

Yesterday’s Wintry Walks

When Charlie woke me up yesterday, I looked out the window and saw fluffy new snow. The sun was barely coming up, so we waited a few minutes before going outside for his sunrise walk. Fortunately, we had less than two inches of snow, and the sidewalk and street were not snow-covered. They had held warmth from the sunny day before.

There was a cold wind that continued all day. This made it too cold to go to the dog park, which is open to strong winds. It seemed that the woods would be a better bet, so after a brief stop at the library, I drove to Riverview Park.

We only have a few sites here that are related to George Washington, so this one I have shown here previously for Presidents’ Day. The trail here is named for John (Johann) Effinger, a Woodstock resident who served under General Washington in the American Revolution.

"This trail is dedicated to Captain John Ignatious Von Effinger (1756-1839), a Hessian soldier who deserted from the British in the American Revolution and joined the American forces. He was later put in command of George Washington's bodyguards. Captain Effinger lived in Woodstock for many years and is buried in St. Paul's UCC cemetery on S. Church Street in Woodstock."

Both the trail and the small picnic shelter were constructed by Boy Scouts. They do a number of valuable projects for our parks.

We walked the first loop of the trail, which is 1/3 of a mile. By the time we got to the place where are you can see the Shenandoah River, we both had cold, wet feet. From here you can see the Lupton low-water bridge and Seven Bends State Park.

Charlie was glad to get back in the car. 

I have a few more views to show you, starting with one from French Woods Road.

Since we were close to the state park, I drove down there for a short visit. I only got out of the car to take a picture of the LOVE sign. Charlie remained inside where it was warmer.

Mosaic Monday


  1. The snowy landscapes are pretty. I know Charlie was happy to go out for a walk. Take care, enjoy your day and have a great week!

  2. ...the snow adds a touch of magic.

  3. Great that snow could be photographed while you had dry sidewalks...but not so much out in the woods. I loved your shots of vistas, as well as info on the patriot.

  4. The scenery is really gorgeous up there at any time of the year but love these snowy scenes. I like how you've framed them, especially the round mosaic with the snowflakes. Charlie must have been glad to get inside after his walk. I enjoyed the history lesson about the Hessian Captain also.

  5. Very nice snowy scenes.
    I'm sure both you and Charlie were pleased to get back in the car after your walk.

    All the best Jan

  6. Beautiful photos of a wonderful landscape! Thanks for the ride! Have a nice week!

  7. 2" is about the perfect amount of snow. Enough to cover the ground but not too much that it is a pain to drive or shovel. I could do without the wind however, that really puts a damper on things.


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