February 9, 2024

The Roscoe Burgess Riverwalk

Bridgewater, VA

The town of Bridgewater is situated along the North River in Rockingham County. Settled in 1746, it was known as Magill’s Ford. 

Since February is Black History Month. I wanted to do a blog post for the occasion. I did an internet search for Black History sites in Rockingham County and was delighted to find there are some in Bridgewater. It is a charming town with beautiful river views. So I headed there yesterday afternoon.

I located the marker honoring Roscoe Burgess in Seven Bridges Park.
“As you travel this path, which connects two halves of Bridgewater, be mindful of the path’s namesake. 

Roscoe E. Burgess, Sr. was a legend in this Town. He was handily elected to Council six times; he was tireless in service to community organizations, and he was one of the greatest baseball players ever to come from Bridgewater. 

But his legend was built on something simpler, and yet more grand. Roscoe was a kind, gentle, human being. An African-American who was raised in the segregated South, his life was dedicated to bridging those contrived barriers which divide humanity. He built bridges by connecting with people, individually, person-to-person and heart-to-heart, reaching nearly everyone in Town. 

Let Riverwalk bear witness that we are a better and closer people because of Roscoe E. Burgess, Sr.”
 “1929      2013”


  1. ..lovely in color and black and white.

  2. The park and the river are looking great

  3. The bridges (literal and figurative) of Bridgewater. :-)

  4. Thanks for the introduction to Roscoe Burgess.

  5. What a beautiful park. I love finding these types of hidden gems.

  6. What a nice tribute to a civic leader of the town.

  7. Beautiful photo! And many thanks for the information.

  8. Such lovely photographs.

    All the best Jan

  9. Looks like a wonderful place to walk and Roscoe seems like a cool dude.


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