December 10, 2023

A Lutheran Church near Keezletown

October was a beautiful month and I took many pictures. I didn't get around to showing you this charming church on the corner of Trinity Church Road and Indian Trail Road. 

Isn’t it ironic that as we enter a season where we talk of peace and love, the world is suffering with wars? With entire species threatened by climate disaster brought on by pollution, we have to stand by as other countries explode countless bombs and wreak destruction? If civilization itself falls apart, will it matter who was right and who was wrong?

Sorry, I see it clearly. There is a bitter price to being a realist.

From a contemporary Lutheran hymn by Reverend Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr.
“Where armies scourge the countryside,
and people flee in fear,
where sirens scream through flaming nights
and death is ever near:
O God of mercy, hear our prayer:
bring peace to earth again!”


  1. ...war is a never ending affair.

  2. The most enduring part of humanity is its lack of humanity.

  3. Pretty church, the window is beautiful. War is such a waste, I wish for peace! Take care, have a wonderful week!

  4. sure hope your weather was okay ...we had lots of rain, some thundering, a bit of wind ...but nothing that bad. sounds so sad about Tennessee. take care this week ... hope you achieve what you hope for. be well and keep that smile. ( ;

  5. A very sweet church with beautiful stained glass must be inspirational to sit inside on a sunny Sunday morning. Yes, some peace on this earth is still in my heart as an enduring wish.

  6. That is a nice church, the stained glass must look good from the other side

  7. A lovely church. I must agree with David.

  8. It's a beautiful church. Very sobering and very true. The hymn has a heartfelt message and that last line is what I am hanging on to.


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