November 20, 2023

Update on SPCA Murals

Today I drove to Winchester to get the battery replaced on my old MacBook. I found myself in the same neighborhood as the SPCA Thrift Store so I checked out their murals. When I looked for the murals a month ago, they were not complete, so I was pleased to see that they are finished and really cute.

The shop is closed on Mondays, but that’s okay because the murals are outside. A crew was there installing awnings.

The animal characters refer to the SPCA mission of helping pets. The thrift store raises money for their animal shelter.
Monday Murals


  1. Wow, Linda, I love these. The animals are LARGE and adorable. I also liked the shoppers who were taking advantage of the sales. This is definitely a worthy cause and a worthy place to shop. Great murals, very cute indeed.

  2. What a cute mural! Take care, have a great day!

  3. we saw the fire out in Bedford, that is so sad ... what wild cloud up in the sky. i guess seeing in person is just different than when you are watching on tv or internet. have a nice week. take care. Happy Thanksgiving. ( ;

  4. The animal "thrift shoppers" are so cute. Great cause to do some shopping there. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Linda.

  5. I love these animal shoppers that support animal care!

  6. I really like these.They are purrfect for the location.


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