October 9, 2023

Unfinished Mural, Unusual Mannequins

Winchester, Virginia
Monday Murals / Blue Monday

Last week I was in Winchester for an appointment and an errand, so I decided to stop by the SPCA Thrift  Store to see the new mural. Oops! It wasn’t finished yet. I’ll have to go back next time I’m down there and take pictures of the finished painting.

But I spotted something in the window that drew me into the store. They call these petikins and they are hard to ignore.


  1. Charlie might be attracted to a nice lady petikin!

  2. ...they are perfect for the SPCA Thrift Store.

  3. Great to see a new way of displaying clothes...petikins it is. I like the new mural!

  4. The mural is looking quite nice already. Petkins, lol, never seen those around here, but I'm sure they would be popular. I love to visit thrift stores, always something interesting... Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Linda.

  5. I like the petikans, very creative idea and great for the shop.

  6. What fun! You find the most intriguing places and I enjoy your photos.
    best, mae (also in Virginia) at maefood.blogspot.com

  7. Dear Linda, the petikins are a good idea to attract attention. And the mural also seems to show petikins - I hope you'll show it to us when it's finished. In my blog you can currently see MANY unfinished murals - and ONE finished one...
    All the best and happy October days
    🍁🌻🍂 🌻🍁

  8. The mural will be great when it's finished, but I love the Petkins. What a fun idea, Linda.


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