November 15, 2023

Two Birds and a Walk in the Park

The black-capped chickadee was sharing a feeder with a house finch. At least, I think she's a house finch. The female finches are not very showy and have not made a big impression on me. She looks sweet though. 

Somehow it is the middle of the month already, and I was reminded that the 15th is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I saw pansies blooming in a park in town so I’ll show a few pictures from a short walk I took there. Pansies tolerate cold weather better than most of our flowers here.

Charlie was with me and he was interested in sniffing everything. He is now two years old and is doing well in many ways, but still has a way to go on some things that I thought were basic. Apparently his stint in the Envigo breeding factory left him with some deep fears. Many dogs from the same place have similar issues. They were bred to be lab animals, not house pets, and they were treated so poorly that the place got closed down. Add to that the beagles’ inherited tendency to run and hunt, and no wonder he struggles. 

Lately, we have been trying to adjust to the time change and shorter daylight hours. Charlie has started getting up well before dawn, and I really don’t want to go outside when it’s dark and cold. I’d rather sleep until dawn, so I hope we can work this out quickly


  1. ...pansies do great in your are now.

  2. You deserve a lot of credit for persevering with Charlie, and perhaps in the deep recesses of his doggy mind he appreciates it. (Head up - I will be away from blogging for most of the next two weeks).

  3. Charlie sure is one lucky pup to have you working with and loving on him! You can tell him that for me. Especially if it's only 6 am.

  4. Love the birds and your Charlie. The time change has wreak havoc on our sleeping. Take care, have a great day!

  5. The time change isn't worth it. End DST.

  6. Hello, I too live in the Shenandoah Valley and blog about my garden on Carol Michel's Garden Bloom Day, and about my art (botanical painter). I wondered where exactly Squirrel Ridge is located? I live in Front Royal, are you near there?

  7. My cats don't like waiting for breakfast! My dog would sleep a lot later than I if he had his way. I get him up (off my bed), go out with him, and then he goes back to sleep! Charlie is a cutey. Hopefully it won't be long before his past is in the past for him. Mine had trauma, but no where near as severe as Charlie's. It's hard, but we love them!


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