November 11, 2023

Did You Ever Want to Be a Cat?

Hi, it's me, Charlie. But the first picture I'm going to show you is my friend Tripod. He is a cat and he comes to see me, but he won't play with me. So I wanted to become a cat so we could play.

Mom said, “Charlie, you can’t be a cat.” So maybe I’ll be a tiger. This is what I might look like with tiger stripes.

By Picsart for Caturday / Critters

Well, I’ve been busy. I went to daycare twice this week, and I went to the dog park on other days. Yesterday started out really slow because it rained. I don’t like water coming down on me, especially when it’s cold. I got really bored because Mom was busy doing something to the bookshelf. I had to pace around in circles just to get exercise. 

Finally, the rain stopped. Mom put a new harness on me which is supposed to be escape proof. I had it off before we even got out of the driveway. She was not happy about that. I had fun at the park, exploring and playing ball

When we got back in the car, I made black paw prints, so mom wiped my feet. 

Here’s a guy that was on our front porch but now he’s gone.
I guess I’d rather be a dog than a pumpkin.


  1. Charlie, we are sorry Tripod does not want to play with you. He does look like a good dude, though. It sounds like you are a good escape artist when it comes to those harnesses. :)

  2. Hello Charlie, I hope the rain stopped so you could go out for your walks. Tripod is an interesting name for the cat, cute! You look adorable, as always. I like the pumpkin. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, happy Sunday! Have a great week. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  3. Charlie Houdini is a master at escapes. Tripod may not want to play, but otherwise seems to get on fine with you.

  4. Maybe if you are furry patient, Tripod will eventually agree to play with you. Meanwhile, enjoy your walks to the doggie park.

  5. Maybe Tripod is not the playing type. Cute though.

  6. Bummer that Tripod isn't playing type. You and your harnesses. Poor Mom is going to go broke buying more and more for you! Have a heart!

  7. He sure is a challenge but such a good buddy too! Enjoy your day Charlie!

  8. Glad you enjoyed yourself. We hope Tripod and you get to be great friends!

  9. Hi Charlie, I hope you have some stock in the harness business then you could invest in more treats. :)

  10. Your mom ought to call you Houdini Charlie! Your kitty friend is cute but you are the cutest. I enjoyed your fun time today.


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