September 16, 2023

Park Critters and Effects

Seven Bends, Hollingsworth Road

 Our state park turns out to be a good place for a sniffari. That’s a walk where a dog gets to sniff a lot. And since Charlie’s a beagle, sniffing is an intense activity for him, and actually tires him out.

On Wednesday, I took him to the Hollingsworth Road entrance to the park. I was pleased to see the peacock again because I haven’t seen him in a long time. He belongs to a residence next to the entrance which also has geese. I believe this is a Sepastopol goose.

I parked in the lot by the river because I didn’t want to deal with the birds while walking the dog. The first time I met the peacock, he jumped up on my car and would not get off!

My photo of a man fishing near the swinging bridge was not very satisfying so I filtered it in an app. Friends liked the result, so I tried a painterly effect on a picture of some deer that ran through the park after a jogger startled them. They show up better now, but the trees suddenly acquired fall colors.

I don’t want to leave Charlie out of the special effects.


  1. Hello,
    Great shots of the peacock and goose. Charlie is always adorable. Love the artsy images. Cute photos.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great day and happy new week.

  2. I always wish I had the nose of a dog!

  3. Your photos are nice, especially the one with the painterly effect on the deer.

  4. ...I haven't seen a peacock in years.

  5. Great to see a park with a couple of unusual birds, aka not part of the natural fauna of the place!

  6. Great pics and love the art, especially of Charlie!

  7. The peacock looks funny in a way. Gorgeous Charlie!

  8. it is fun with art apps. I like the finished deer image. :)


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