June 30, 2023

Typical Woodstock Folks?

Shenandoah County

The black and white picture is legit. The second and third images are computer-generated. The funny thing about them is that I asked the Dream AI app to draw a typical resident of Woodstock, Virginia.  The first picture it showed me was this horse. I laughed, and then I clicked the “Regenerate” button.

It produced the image of a large man in a plaid shirt. Okay, I can accept that as a correct answer.


  1. The town shot is excellent.

  2. So much to see in your black and white!

  3. ...I'll stick with the real deal.

  4. Great photos, I like the horse. Have a happy weekend.

  5. That's so funny. I laugh at mistakes AI makes, but realize it is self correcting, and then I'm a bit frightened.

  6. There's so many fun things to do through technology these days. But, about all I do is add frames to my pictures sometimes ... I guess I am behind in the tech world.

  7. Dear Linda,
    the AI's "answers" are quite unexpected, but worth seeing as photos. I particularly like the real Woodstock photo.
    Warm July greetings and all the best, Traude

  8. I like how the runners are pretty much in step.


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