May 23, 2023

Historic Goose Creek Bridge

Near Middleburg, VA

Tuesday Treasures

This stone bridge played a role in the 1863 battle of Upperville. It has been replaced by a newer bridge for the vehicle traffic on US Route 50.

Built around 1801, this is the longest remaining stone turnpike bridge in the state. I felt that it deserved a brighter picture and I had a vertical image, which I filtered in the BeCasso app.

See my August 2018 post about this bridge.


  1. Old bridges become a part of a natural landscape.

  2. ...soon it will disappear.

  3. We marveled at the stone work in the Northeast when we traveled, didn't see this beautiful bridge but your pictures are the next best thing. So lovely. But also I marvel at how much you continue to learn and share -- in between this new filter app you mention (clever name) and your use of AI in the later post.


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