August 9, 2018

View from the Goose Creek Bridge

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This historic bridge is no longer open to vehicles but you can park nearby and walk over it.

In June of 1863, Lee's army was on their way to Pennsylvania, where a battle wound up taking place at Gettysburg. It was important to Lee's strategy that he reach the ShenandoahValley ahead of the pursuing Union Army, so his cavalry under JEB Stuart was tasked with protecting the main body of the army.  The cavalry delayed the Union Army in a series of skirmishes along what is now Route 50. One of these was at this bridge across Goose Creek, now a small historical park.


  1. Hello, what a pretty historical park. Nice views of the creek and bridge. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Good to see and explore history...even though there seem to be southerners who still are in that war mentally it seems!

  3. Rather an influence on what was to come, actually, particularly the decisions Stuart made that wound up doing no favours for the infantry. A lovely area.

  4. Loved seeing all of these views.

    All the best Jan


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