May 31, 2023

By the Shores of Silver Lake

Haymarket, VA

(Yes, I borrowed the title from Laura Ingalls Wilder.)

I finally made it out to Silver Lake. I had heard of it years ago when it was a privately owned campground. More recently, I heard it was now a public park, so I intended to go see it, but it is an hour away from me, and not big enough to make a special trip unless you are a fisherman.

Yesterday, I had an appointment at the podiatrist, so I left Charlie in daycare. I had the afternoon to myself so I headed up to Prince William County to shop at Wegmans and also visit the lake.

There wasn’t much going on, just some people fishing and Canada geese browsing. The park has an interesting story in that it exists because in 2006, county supervisors made a deal with developers to sell the 317 acres to the county in exchange for permission to build on nearby farmland. 

I believe the blackbird was a red winged one although I did not spot red on its wings. It had a lovely song.


  1. Beautiful views of the Silver Lake, the geese, trees and Blackbird. Take care, enjoy your day!

  2. A deal to build on farmland sounds like a deal made with the devil!

  3. The other day a young man we call the "goose whisperer" was sitting on the grass, as he does, surrounded by Canada Geese who were looking for a handout. Sometimes he has cracked corn. But this time he had Cheese-puffs! Poor geese were eating them. Just because it's not bread, it can still be junk food!!


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