April 23, 2023

Hopping Bunnies and Rural Scenery

It was historic garden week in Virginia, and I spent three days touring in our beautiful piedmont countryside. I can only begin to show you some of the pretty sights. These were in Fauquier County, a peaceful area where even its many wealthy people take pride in its rural identity.

A stone church looked charming so I turned around to take a picture. This is Willisville Chapel, and it will be 100 years old next year. Its history goes back to shortly after the Civil War. It was organized as a Christian church for African-American citizens of various denominations. It is now a United Methodist Church.

I saw plenty of barns for Tom’s blog hop

As I headed toward home, the quiet was interrupted by a roaring sound. I had to wait for a freight train to pass. The box cars transform into truck containers in Front Royal.


  1. A very nice collection of country rural images

  2. Pretty scenes, I like the rabbit sculpture. Take care, have a great new week!

  3. In the minds of many, it seems, the Civil War is not yet over.

  4. ...you highlighted some beautiful spots.

  5. Great little chapel, and the barns! I have seen those containers on trains, but never being on their truck version...that I can recal. They also are used for shipping across seas. Mmm, you may have been looking at a shipping container from India, or France, or...?

  6. Delightful scenes of the Virginia countryside. I am glad you turned around for the Willisville Chapel. It's a very pretty church. I also particularly enjoyed the rabbit sculpture.


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