April 26, 2023

A Deluxe Farm Pond

Last week was Historic Garden Week in Virginia and I did three days of touring lovely homes and gardens. Many of these places are rarely open to the public. Some offer a glimpse of how the ultra-rich live. An estate near Flint Hill was an example. The entrance to it was quite impressive and there was a large pond.


Although I saw geese on the pond, I did not see the swans that are said to be there. Here’s a picture of some swans that I saw another pond not long ago.

I suppose I should show you a picture of the house. It was too fancy for my taste. I half-expected Marie-Antoinette to come waltzing through the rooms.


  1. Imagine the carbon footprint in that place.

  2. Beautiful house and I like the pond. Take care, have a happy day!

  3. Hello Linda :=)
    Nice views of the pond, swans and ducks, but the manor house is a bit small for my taste :=))

  4. Haha it does look like Marie might haunt those halls! I'm closer to a tiny house lover myself, but it would be fun to see these "estates" and it's pretty cool that they open to public tours sometimes. In Oregon there's some kind of a property tax break owners of historical properties can get if they do that once a year. (I don't think any of those historical properties are quite as grand or for sure as old as the ones in your state though!)


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