March 31, 2023

Only in Front Royal

Blog Post 8265

You can drink beer and throw axes in the same business. 

The lab where I just had some bloodwork done not only prohibits smoking, it prohibits guns. They don’t say anything about axes though. 

Southern States farm supply store has pretty hand-painted decorations on the windows.

Although it’s warm enough in town to have flowers outside, there’s still ice in the mountains, a short distance away


  1. The icy fall makes a work of art

  2. Axe throwing must be quite tricky - how not to take your head off!
    Your ice photo is beautiful,

  3. Any place that combines beer and axes is a place I don't wanna be!

  4. The icy falls is pretty and I like the Southern States window decorations. Have a great weekend.

  5. No guns or smoking - guess they haven't come up with a no axes sign! The frozen water is beautiful on the rocks.

  6. Ice formations on the rocks this time of year are a sight to see.

  7. I like how the sun seems to be painted onto the reflected sky.


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