February 1, 2023


The first of the month is Theme Day at City Daily Photo and February's theme is Virtue.

Generosity and unselfishness are considered virtues, and I chose a blessing box as an illustration. The idea is that people leave food for others to take, usually getting nothing in return. You don’t get a tax deduction or even a “thank you” for donating here. You can do it quietly and anonymously, and a person in need can take something the same way.

This particular blessing box is in the church parking lot on Fairview Road near Woodstock. Although these boxes are often located at churches, I have seen them in other places in Front Royal and Strasburg.


  1. We have a very busy one next to a bus stop. I keep dropping off things willy nilly, but some people have signed up which days they'll contribute something. A great idea!

  2. ...they are popping up here.

  3. Happens here too. It's needed more than ever perhaps.

  4. The blessing box is a great idea. Take care, have a happy day!


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