February 2, 2023

A Surprise at Turner Pond

There are foods I just can't find in my local grocery stores, so every month or so I travel to Northern Virginia. Dairy products don't keep very long so stocking up has its limits. I wanted goat milk kefir and yogurt. (It tastes better than it sounds, and I am forever trying to improve my digestion. I don’t tolerate  cow dairy products.)

The trip is tiring to me, although there are people who commute that far. I try to combine it with at least one other errand or a photo op. Monday was a nice day so I decided to travel by way of Route 50 and stop at Sky Meadows State Park. Although winter is not the prettiest time to visit there, I figured I could get some reflection shots at the pond.

Oh, look who is floating on Turner Pond!

I think these are trumpeter swans. They sometimes visit Virginia in the winter. I asked the other person who was taking pictures if she had seen them there before, and she said yes.

All I had for picture-taking was a cell phone because this was mainly a shopping trip. Do you see the neck band on this swan? I was surprised so I looked it up, and these bands are numbered. I could not read the numbers though. There is a group keeping track of these sightings. 


  1. One doesn't have to travel too long in NoVA traffic before tiring of it. How well I remember. :-)

  2. There is not quite enough detail in the pictures for me to be sure, Linda, but I think your swans are Tundra Swans.

    1. It is hard to tell. They do curve their necks. Other people have reported that they are trumpeter swans.

  3. Hello,
    Great sighting of the swans, it is a pretty lake.
    Take care, have a great day and happy weekend!

  4. Oh the longer trips we take for what we need. I just went all the way to Asheville (admittedly only 15 miles on an interstate) to get a pillar candle for a ritual on Sunday. So I got it and couldn't for the life of me figure out anything else to add to the trip, so I came home! For me I'd prefer to shop local. But I didn't want to go from shop to shop to find one that I wanted. Glad you can tolerate goats milk yogert and keifer.

  5. You photographed a lovely spot. Hoping you aren't caught up in the same arctic blast as we are here in New York State. We have been in NoVA traffic just enough to dread ever being in it again. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  6. Our white ducks have gone for the winter but the black ones are enjoying. I am glad your find is also. Did Charley make the long ride? Too bad there aren't a couple of chain stores near, we have four Kroger stores within a five mile circle, an HEB, three Walmart's, and an Aldi. They all keep busy.

  7. Beautiful photographs.

    All the best Jan

  8. Really beautiful photos! I love the tree.


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