February 6, 2023

E-Sports Arena at SU

Shenandoah University
Winchester, VA

I was surprised to learn that the university offers degree programs in electronic sports. I don’t really think of computer gaming as being a sport, but I might feel differently if I were young.  SU offers programs.in e-sports management and even coaching. They have an arena where you can watch gamers in action.

They spell it esports without the dash but I can’t bring myself to do that. But then, I don’t understand the whole thing. I can see why someone would play computer games competitively but I don’t know why anyone else would want to watch it. Then again, I get bored watching someone else fish, or bowl or play chess. I don’t even like to watch football because it’s slow.

Monday Murals / Blue Monday 
So here’s the arena, and it is wrapped in murals.



  1. Imagine the geeks coming out of that programme!

  2. ...there's no missing this one.

  3. Fabulous mural, very eye-catching! Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Linda.
    My son did a double degree in "games technology" and "computer programming". My husband nearly freaked out when he first mentioned he was going to study games technology, and what would he do with it? We met with the University dean who explained that it was a course for the future, and widely used in films, gaming, artificial intelligence, etc, etc. In the mines (here in Australia) these programmers design 3D simulators, automation programs, etc.

  4. I remember when one of my sons said he wanted a job testing video games...and we laughed and laughed. He got a better job at the time, and has had it all his adult life, so he plays games on the side, like most people!


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