January 30, 2023

Multiple Murals in Manassas

The Eavesdrop Brewery is at the rear of a long building on Centreville Road. The exterior is painted to look like a series of store fronts.

Monday Murals / Blue Monday 

They say the building once housed racing pigeons. I took most of these pictures from the Sheetz gas station next door. 



  1. These murals are most outstanding here

  2. Hello,
    What a fun building, I love all the murals. Take care, have a wonderful day and week ahead!

  3. It's nice that each section has a different mural. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Linda.

  4. I love the murals...too bad the foreground is such a mess...perhaps after winter...

  5. I found these murals lovely. Even though there are less real stores, it appears there are more. I like how they look like different buildings.

  6. I love that storefront mural! Reminds me of the artisan-made wooden village sculpture (one piece) we have -- it just fits a niche-shelf over our built-in living area cabinets, where nothing else would fit.


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