December 25, 2022

A Special Day with Family

Our Christmas was fairly modest. I haven’t had a lot of energy and my left hip has been bothering me for a month or so. The most important thing to me was spending time with my daughters and we were able to do that, even though Lynn has a very sore knee and had to make a real effort to be here. Marie purchased and cooked a delicious meal for us today.

Lynn took this picture of Marie and me with dream catchers that she made for us.

This was Charlie’s first Christmas in a real home. He seemed a little nervous having two visitors at once, although I took him to the dog park this morning so that he could run off his excess energy. He was a good boy today.

Marie and Lynn always feel a little awkward when asked to pose, but here they are.

It was a good day. I hope your day was special too.



  1. Good that you got together with them.

  2. ...I'm glad that you had a good day.

  3. Dream catcher look very interesting

  4. Happy Christmas and New Year Linda. Not everyone likes to have their photograph taken and even Charlie looks a little unsure of the idea! Try to find a photo of me on the Internet!

  5. Great that you were able to spend time with your girls.

  6. Hello,
    It sounds like a lovely Christmas with your daughters and Charlie. Pretty sky shot. Take care, have a great day and week ahead!

  7. So glad you got together with your daughters...and that's a great photo of them, whether they were thrilled or not! Dear Charlie is continuing to grow out of his puppyhood. I love your last shot of moon at sunset.

  8. Nothing beats spending time with family. Glad you had a wonderful day.

  9. Looks like you had a great day and so good to spend Christmas with your daughters. Charlie’s first with you right? Sorry that your hip is bothering you. With me it is my knee so I have not been able to enjoy the long walks I used to. Enjoyed the photos as always.

  10. I'm pleased that you had a good day.
    Nice photographs you've shared.

    All the best Jan .


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