November 6, 2022

Today in the Rappahannock Foothills

The Rappahannock County art tour was this weekend. I try to do a portion of it every year, seeing some new art and revisiting some scenic places. Enjoy!



  1. Beautiful scenes and photos. The barn is cool looking.
    Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

  2. ...I love the style of the last one.

  3. Great workhorse of a tractor. Love these scenes! What an interesting barn, with bays for? horses perhaps?

  4. i know we get fog other seasons but for some reason the fall in November is just so mysterious. wow. enjoy your November. take care. love it. ( ;

  5. It’s so very beautiful and peaceful you’re way. I wish green would start showing on our mountains and hills.

  6. It really does look like a lovely place to visit - and the art is a special bonus. I did some of an art trail visiting artists studios with my sister over a couple of days a couple of months ago. We had such a lovely time.. Enjoy, stay safe and thank you for visiting my blog.last week.


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