October 30, 2022

Don’t Worry, the Scary Face is For Halloween

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil."

Which brings us to Shadow Shot Sunday.

That shot is a close-up view of a small shrub in front of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Staunton. The church is close to another Baptist church that I showed last week, and its history is interesting.

Soon after the Civil War, a group of former slaves held services in a white Baptist church. In 1868 they rented a log cabin, and erected a better building two years later. Membership grew to 150 people, so they built the current edifice and dedicated it in 1874.

According to an online history, "In every undertaking misunderstandings and differences arise. This happened in 1878 in Mount Zion. There arose a disagreement between the pastor and congregation which resulted in the resignation of Rev. Simpson. He and a large number of the members left and formed the Ebeneezer Baptist Church."



  1. Very cute and animated pumpkins. The spirit is on!

  2. Hello and Happy Halloween!
    Love the pumpkins and the shadow shot.
    Take care, enjoy your day, have a great new week!

  3. Now that really is a scary face, orange too, like Donald Trump, but not quite as scary.


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