September 25, 2022

Charlie Visits Orkney Springs

Puppy reeducation seems to have become my full-time job. Charlie has a lot to learn, but first he needs to get past some of the trauma of spending a year in captivity at Envigo, while catching up on experiences he missed like enjoying the outdoors.

Frank volunteered to help me with Charlie, but Charlie is afraid of tall men so that’s another thing I need to work on. At least Charlie has calmed down in the car, so I take him for rides. We took him up to Orkney Springs today and walked around a little bit.

I wanted Charlie to pose for a picture but he was not interested. He is very photogenic if you can catch him looking at you. Some dogs can be bribed with treats or toys but so far he is not very motivated by those things. 

On the way home I followed signs to Morning Star Lutheran Church to take a photo. It is far off the main road. We saw wild turkeys and deer near there but I was driving and did not get their pictures.


  1. There's still work to be done with Charlie it seems.

  2. Great to see how you are having a good time with Charlie...he's certain to respond to it.

  3. Charlie is very cool, glad he has a good home.

  4. It'll take him time to acclimate himself.

  5. With your patience with Charlie I'm sure he will become well adjusted. :)


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