June 14, 2022

Military Heritage Museum

Stephens City, VA

The American Military Heritage Museum is in a modest building and is not normally open to the public. Once a year they open it in recognition of D-Day and invite reenactors to participate in a living history event. 

We attended this event some years ago and I decided to go back on Saturday to take some pictures.


  1. Being a pacifist, I have a pretty negative reaction to the implements of war. But I also recognize all the people are fighting for what they believe in, a democracy and people free to vote and live as they wish.

  2. ...nice, but let's start building peace museums.

    1. Or at least let’s start building peace!

  3. This is the sort of thing I find fascinating.

  4. Many thanks for sharing this event.

    All the best Jan

  5. Lubię stare wystawy militarne, niech zawsze pozostaną stare, a nowych nie przybywało...


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