May 10, 2022

Portable Marimaphone

Tuesday Treasures. This instrument is one of a handful of items I inherited from my grandfather. It is portable and I show it partially assembled, with the left side still in disarray from being carried around.

You tap the steel bars with wooden mallets. If you can play a piano, you can play this instrument. Personally, I'd much rather listen to a piano because these keys sound high and shrill to me.
I've seen this described as an obsolete instrument. It has a lot in common with a xylophone or a glockenspiel, but Cap called this a marimbaphone so that's what I call it.

He also played piano and accordion. He would entertain us kids by pounding out ragtime on my mother’s piano.


  1. Maybe a local museum would like to have it.

  2. ...similar instruments go by many different names.

  3. Sometimes there are songs written just for certain instruments...I wonder...

  4. That's a beautiful treasure!! Great that you have that.

  5. It must have been a fun time listening to him play such instruments. What a wonderful way to create fond family memories.


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