May 12, 2022

A Moon and a Marker

Yesterday afternoon was warm and sunny so of course I took a few pictures. By late afternoon, the moon made an appearance.


Sometimes I give myself photo assignments for this blog. In the case of this marker in Woodstock, I also wanted to take an overall shot of the Sandie Pendleton marker because I had read on  Historical Marker Database that they needed a picture of the marker in its surroundings. I like to contribute to their site sometimes because it has provided useful information to me many times.

Pendleton was wonded in 1864 at Fishers Hill. He was Chief of Staff  to Confederate General Jubel Early. He was brought to Dr. Murphy’s house on this site but passed away, just five days before his 24th birthday.

On the back of the marker, I found text indicating that it was erected by the “Stonewall Brigade Foundation, Stover Camp Chapter, Daughters of the Confederacy, Strasburg Guard, Sons of the Confederacy.”

Nearby is a plaque for the Murphy House. Apparently it stood where the Methodist Church parking lot is today.


  1. I usually try to read historic markers as I drive around. They do have good information about sites that nothing else provides often! Virginia has great ones!

  2. I love historical markers. Especially the obscure ones.

  3. ...thanks for sharing Linda, Blogger won't let me reply to your comment, maddenly.

    1. Blogger has been difficult lately. Sometimes I cannot access the comment section on your blog.

    2. Wonderful post for SkyWatch Friday!
      I have the same issue with comments! On my iphone, I'm signed in... but when I want to reply to comments under my post, it shows up as "anonymous!" ~ Maria

  4. Historical markers are wonderful reminders of the past.

  5. Wonderful shot of the moon over the clouds!

  6. Pendleton saw a lot during that war.


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